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About "DJ Doena"

Dönermann Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Califax from the Abrafaxe DJ Doena's self portrait Peanut from Jeff Dunham Shrek Goku from Dragon Ball The Abrafaxe

DJ Doena came into existence in or around 1995. Okay the person in real life has been existing for a while longer, but DJ Doena came about in ca. 1995. DJ Doena has been in existence since I've been able to play Doom II and WarCraft II via null modem cable and IPC protocol and I needed a player name. American games weren't that great with German umlauts and the end looked coola, thus it became "DJ Doena". By happenstance, it's also easily shortened to "DJD", which was important for all the Arcade-to-PC ports back then. (Why "DJ"? Don't ask. Wink Smiley)


Forum Troll

Don't feed the troll!

I love discussing and bantering about on a wide array and range of topics across the landscape of the internet. I do not have a problem representing the minority opinion, but this has become more difficult in recent years, because one's very quickly accused of being a troll when one does not share the opinion that's currently opportune. I've written numerous postings in a variety of forums and I'm (almost) always registered under the names "DJ Doena" or "DJDoena".

It all started (like so many things started with me) with Star Trek. Back in December of 1999 – four years after I first set foot into the Web – I found this then small (and today small again) forum by the name of StarTrek-Forum.de (German). I registered at once and started discussing. From there it went on: Star Wars (German), DVDs, IT topics on Heise.de (German), politics on Spiegel Online (German), ...

In the past 15 years I've written over 50,000 postings and I'm continuing to do so.


TV Shows

sneak peak at my TV shows

Formally I studied Russian as a foreign language from the 5th grade through the 11th grade.
Realistically I'm only remembering a few phrases in Russian ("Меня зовут ...", "Я родился ...").
Formally I started English as a foreign language from the 7th grade and also in college.
Realistically my English was as bad as my Russian after I had finished college. I had a C- / D- / D / D in English in my last two years in high school.

But then I started to collect DVDs in 2001. My first purchase was Braveheart; one of my favorite movies at the time. Unfortunately I didn't understand a single word. When I turned on the subtitles, I still did not understand a thing, but I loved the way it sounded so authentic (back then, I had no idea that Mel Gibson only had a pseudo-Scottish accent and his Australian was quite audible to the trained ear). I really liked it.

In 2002, Star Trek: The Next Generation (didn't I say that somehow everything starts with Star Trek with me?) was released on DVD. For only 100€ per season! But it was worth it. Thanks to the clear elocution and theatrical style of English used in this series and its sequel series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine along with Babylon 5, I had excellent examples of proper pronunciation of English for the first time.

Now, 13 years later, I have very few problems understanding English in either spoken or written form. However, when it comes to speaking, I sometimes find myself fumbling for words because the German/English translation section of my brain is not as well developed as the English/German section. But I have no fear of speaking or not being able to find the right words.

I have a very diverse interest in TV shows (I have no problem watching an episode of Hart of Dixie directly after an episode of Justified). My ability to distinguish and understand accents and dialects and understand idioms and specialized vocabulary has improved significantly.

When it comes to writing English I have to admit that I conform to neither the BE nor the AE style. I've picked up the habit of spelling s/z words the American way ("characterization", "realized"), but I use the British spelling for the whole ou/o issue ("honour", "neighbour"). And yes, I'm going to make the occasional your/you're or there/their/they're mistake, especially when typing fast.

All of this has put me in the enviable position of not being confined to German television or the German DVD market, for that matter. I can create my own international program. And yes, because of this, I've become one of those "audio track snobs", a.k.a. original audio watchers, a.k.a dubbing despisers.

If you wish to take a look at my TV show collection, feel free to look at these pictures or browse through my list.



Wordpress Tumblr Twitter

Okay, so with my penchant to argue and to watch TV shows, a blog was the logical conclusion. Or maybe not. Because I love to discuss with others in a constant back and forth. Argument, counter argument, counter-counter argument, ad infinitum. At the end of the day a blog isn't the right platform for this. But if I really have something burning under my nails, I will sit down and type down a tract. You can find these rants under the category Thought Storms.

For shorter texts that don't end up as a comment under a newspaper article or in a forum I also have a Tumblr or if it's even shorter, Twitter.



Star Trek Calculator

I'm first and foremost a software developer and architect and I became that because I wanted problems that can be solved automatically be solved automatically. My biotope is the PC and within it the Windows world. I started coding in Microsoft's .NET programming environment when it was still in the Beta phase. Since then I've almost always worked in software projects, where this particular framework was used. Of course I can work left and right of it, I am a professional (and software architecture ends with the implementation, it doesn't start with it). So, for private projects it has become my weapon of choice.

To manage my DVD/BR collection, I'm using the program DVD Profiler by Invelos. It has a plugin concept and this program is what I'm writing most of my publicly available plugins and tools for. You can download them here.



I'm collecting movies & TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as comics and books. Here are my recent purchases:





TheGuy @ djdoena . net


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